About Us

Our Mission

“to produce a innovative and compact yet simple and easy to use, interchangeable tackle system with maximum flexibility & practicality” 


About Inter-Fish

Inter-Fish is an exciting new innovative tackle brand fulfilling the requirements of the modern fisherman, manufacturing clever innovative fishing tackle suitable for kids through to elite anglers.

Traditional lures are limited to the desired output of the manufacturer, but with the modern fisherman a growing trend to customize ones lure has evolved. Although altering lures by changing hooks and using various markers is an option practiced by many, it can be rather permanent and at best labour intensive and time consuming.  At Inter-Fish we have recognized this desire for flexibility through customization and with interchangeability in mind, we have developed the Inter-System, an interchangeable fishing tackle system.

No longer is it a time consuming nuisance to change a lure, with the Inter-Lure the user may change a colour and or a profile within seconds without the need for clips or cutting the line.  The Inter-Lure comprises a variety of transparent Inter-Shells (outer profiles) available in multiple transparent colours and are matched with a coloured environmentally friendly tungsten Inter-Sleeve.  Both being slotted allows for easy addition and removal from the fishing line without the need for cutting the line.  It is no longer unreasonable to offer a different presentation for each and every cast you present to a particular spot or fish.

Inter-Fish have also released the Inter-Sinker, an interchangeable sinker available in available in Ball, Bean & Barrel profiles in sizes 1 to 10. Inter-Sinkers can also be added, removed or swapped without the need to cut the line, offering many obvious benefits.  But the Inter-Sinker is not just a sinker, with available accessories the Inter-Sinker can become a fish catching lure in seconds.

Also available is the Inter-Clip, an interchangeable fishing clip with many additioanl uses over the traditional fishing clip due to its interchangeability without cutting the line and the Saddle-Spin, a twin spin saddle assembley that can be added and removed from any presentation without the need to cut the line.  We have many other soon to be released products in the pipeline too, so stay tuned as we continue to add new and exciting products into the expanding Inter-System.


The Story

As a young teenager, Troy loved to fish, whether hiking along the banks of rivers and streams or trolling the lakes, he always felt the desire to own a larger range of colours and patterns in his favourite lures. The reality was he couldn't afford to own so many lures nor did he like to hike with cumbersome packs & tackle boxes. So his inventive nature took over and he worked towards inventing an interchangeable lure system. This would offer the flexibility to own a range of colours and patterns separately and then interchange them with outer profiles offering an affordable and compact solution to possessing a wide range of colours across a variety of lures.

That was 30 years ago, he wrote his ideas down and that’s where they stayed until one day back in 2013 when he came across his old notes. He immediately fell back in love with the idea and with new improved ideas flooding into his head, he decided to turn it into a reality. With this in mind the Inter-Lure was born and evolved into an entire Inter-System.


Troy Lowe