Inter-Buffs Standard

Bandanna, Head Sock, Face Shield, Head Scarf, what ever you want to call them one thing is consistent, everyone is wearing them and the reality is they are the latest and greatest in sun smart protection. Hot or not the wind and sun can be relentless when out on the water, hitting you in the face and the back, beating down on you from above and reflecting back up at you from the water, harmful UV rays get you from all angles.  The Inter-Buff is designed to be worn in various ways to give you added protection against the elements while protecting you against the wind, keeping you cool by wicking away moisture or keeping you warm protecting you against the cold air.  They also help protect against pesky flies, mosquitos, midges and the like. 

Made from fine woven 100% Polyester coupled with a stylish design that works well with our cap and beanies, the Inter-Buff is the ultimate in head, face and neck protection.


  • 100% fine woven polyester
  • Moisture wicking ability
  • Quick Dry
  • Wind protection
  • Insect protection
  • Stylish design consistent with our sports cap
  • Seamless, high stretch comfortable fabric
  • Worn on the face increases performance of sunglasses
  • 1 size fits all
  • Multiple uses including securing your cap in strong wind