Flathead On The Ice Glider

Mitch was flicking for Bass when this 46cm Flathead decided to nail his Ice-Glider.

Mitch Claims Another Nice Bass With The Delta

Mitch claims another Bass using the Delta.

Mitch Claims A Bass Using The Delta

Mitch is having success with a soft plastic technique using the Delta. The Bass seem to like to take it on the drop.

Bass On Delta

Delta worked like a soft plastic is proving to be a successful technique on Australian Bass.

Steph 17th Sep 2017 Khancoban Pondage

Steph fishing with her father managed this nice little Brown Trout trolling the clear winged Delta.

Lake Trout On A Clear Delta Shuswap Lake Canada

This Lake Trout fell victim to the Delta trolled on a down rigger on Shuswap Lake Canada.

The Inter-System Is Great For Kids

Young Steph caught this little Khancoban Pondage Trout on a blinged Yellow Delta trolled at approx 4km/ph.

Chinook Salmon On A Glitter Bomber Bullen Merri

This nice Bullen Merri Chinook Salmon was claimed using a Glitter Bomber in standard setting trolled at approx 3.2km/ph.

Rainbow Trout On A Green Delta Bullen Merri

This healthy Bullen Merri Rainbow fell victim to a Green Delta trolled in the standard setting at approx 3.2km/ph.

Bass On A Bomber With Wing Stickers Maroon Dam

Wing Stickers are a great addition to the Bomber.

Golden Perch on a Shudder Bait

This Shudder Bait was hit on the drop down the side of a dead tree.

Bass On A Shudder Bait Maroon Dam

The Shudder Bait is perfect for working in deep weed where this Bass was found.

Lake Trout - Shuswap Lake Canada

This Shuswap Lake Trout fell victim to the Delta with a reverse fitted Inter-Sleeve trolled on a down rigger.