Shudder Bait Action - Side View

The Inter-Sinker coupled with a Shudder Plug creates the Shudder-Bait which with the addition of a skirt holding plug and a skirt will further enhance the offering.  It has a side to side vibrating action and can be trolled, jigged or retreived.

Inter-Vibe Action - Top View

The Inter-Vibe has 3 tow point options allowing to to be trolled, cast and reteived and vertically jigged.  When jigged it propells forward making it great in Ice Jigging scenarios. 

Spin Minnow Action - Side View

The Spin Minnow has a simple spinning action and can have the Inter-Shell reverse fitted to reverse the direction of spin and allowing the wings to look like a tail fin in action.

Ice Glider Action - Jigged

The Ice Glider is a jig with a long glideing action on the drop making it perfect for ice jigging.

Ice Glider Action - Top View

Ice Glider action at approximately 3.5km/ph.  While the Ice Glider is specifically an ice style jig, its action while trolled or slow rolled should not be ignored.

Delta Action Reverse Sleeve - Top View

Like the Bomber you can reverse fit the Inter-Sleeve to create a different more aggressive action suitable for a slower retreive. You will also notice a very distinct skip beat.

Delta Action - Top View

Some footage of the Delta trolled at approximately 3.5km/ph with a s

Bomber Reverse Fitted Inter-Sleeve - Top View

The Bomber has the option of revese fitting the Inter-Sleeve giving

Bomber - Top View

The Bomber action from a top view at approximately 3.5km/ph

Bomber Reverse Fitted Inter-Sleeve - Side View

The Bomber has the option of revese fitting the Inter-Sleeve giving the Bomber a more agressive action or the ability to retreive more slowly. 


Bomber Action Side View

Some footage of the Bomber trolled around 3.5km/ph with a Bladed Salmon Hook.