Inter-Fish – A Tackle Industry Game Changer

Excitement is building as we field test the latest batch of machine manufactured prototypes.  Its been a long, tedious and expensive process, over 3 years full time in fact, grinding away at developing and tuning designs, but I can finally say I am nearly there and a launch date is coming very soon.

Inter-Fish was born from a childhood desire to own the full range of colours and patterns of various lures. The fact is, it wasn't practical to own so many lures, or to carry such a huge range around with me. My inventive nature took over and I worked towards inventing an Interchangeable Lure System, a system that would offer the flexibility to have independent colours, patterns and profiles interchangeable with one and another. This would offer an affordable and practical solution to possessing a wide range of colours, patterns and profiles at an affordable price. 

That was 30 years ago, i wrote down my ideas with some early designs and that’s where they stayed until one day back in 2013 when i came across them during a clean up. As I went over the designs, i immediately fell back in love with the idea and with new improved ideas flooding into my head over the following months, i decided to turn it into a reality.  With this in mind the Inter-Lure was born and evolved into an entire Inter-System offering interchange ability and flexibility that covers a range of products including Sinkers, Clips, Lures, Jigs, Spinners and more.

So if you are looking for an edge, the ability to match the hatch in seconds, a compact system for hiking or kayaking, a more user friendly ability to add, remove or change tackle without cutting the line, then you really need to watch this space for your chance to get your hands on the first release world wide at the best possible early bird pricing.