Ice Glider

The Ice Glider is part of the Inter-Series and so has interchangeability across several aspects of the lure. 

Its shape and action is a unique combination of a Winged Lure and Ice Jig sharing qualities of both.  It has a gliding action on the drop allowing it to glide off in different directions, covering quite a bit of ground while the user is stationary making it perfect for Ice Jigging and Vertically Jigging over schooled fish. 

One of the outstanding benefits of using this lure is the ability to rig it with a running hook of your choice, maximizing your ability to stay connected to the fish as it cannot use the weight of the lure to assist in dislodging the hooks.

Please refer to our videos for tips on rigging and using our Inter-Series range.


  • Interchangeable
  • Available in multiple transparent colours
  • Ability to use a range of running hooks
  • Designed for jigging
  • Perfect for ice jigging
  • Action is on the drop