The Inter-Vibe is available in several transparent colours and has interchangeability across several aspects of the lure.  It utilizes the Inter-Sleeve and has 3 tow points allowing the user to adjust the vibrating action to suit cast & retrieve, trolling or vertical jigging.  Set to the forward most tow point allows the Inter-Vibe to be retrieved with a medium to fast burn maintaining a controlled tight vibrating action.  Set to the middle tow point allows the user to retrieve using a medium to slow speed while maintaining a controlled thumping vibration.  This middle setting is also perfect for vertical jigging as the wider action propels the lure forward in a fleeing bait manner allowing the lure to cover a large area.  Set to the rear most tow point allows for a super slow retrieve and when used in conjunction with a Ceramic Plug , the Inter-Vibe can let of sonic noises as the ceramic plug makes contact with stones, pebbles and the like on the bottom.  Additionally when vertically jigged with a twitching motion using the most rearward tow point, the Inter-Vibe will behave with a  shrimp like action darting backwards.  This can be further visually enhanced with a Critter-Plug .

Please refer to our videos for tips on rigging.


  • Interchangeable
  • Available in multiple transparent colours
  • Cast & retrieve, troll or jig
  • Perfect for ice jigging
  • Multiple tow points
  • Adjustable action