Inter-Spins are a range of interchangeable Spinners, Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, and Jig Spins with interchangeability across several aspects of each.  Due to the unique quick clip clevis on the wire forms and the use of snap clip pole swivels for trailers, all blades are interchangeable.  In the case of the Buzzbaits we have interchangeable prop style blades in 3 sizes for them also.  Some wireforms are designed to use Inter-Sinkers as the weight/body and others are designed to use Lure Shafts and or larger profile Inter-Sinkers for the weight and body.  The use of Inter-Skirts allows easy interchangeability of skirts, and a clip function at the rear allows the interchangeability of hooks whether standard, ganged, treble, trailers and or dressed.